Yonge + St. Clair

March 18, 2020

6 Ways You Can Still Support Local Businesses

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is impacting our everyday lives, and small and local businesses are facing the effects of reduced foot traffic and a decline in revenue. Here is a list of 5 things you can do right away to support your local businesses.

1. Buy a gift card

In the short term, gift cards are a quick and effective way to show support for the local businesses you care about, and to help provide short-term revenue.

Even if you’ve already purchased something for yourself, you may have someone else you could treat. You can purchase a gift card for someone you know who will use the product or service, or prepare for upcoming special occasions like birthdays or Mother’s Day or Father’s Day.

Remember to add a local gift card to your next shopping list, since shopping sooner will instantly help a businesses in need of support. For a list of local businesses offering gift card purchases at Yonge + St. Clair, visit our shop + dine local blog post.

2. Get delivery

Restaurants are switching over to take-out and delivery options. Consider shortening your at-home meal prep routines by ordering and paying for some of your favourite meals from home. You can check Uber EatsFoodoraSkip the DishesDoor DashRitual, and other digital services for a full list of all local delivery or pickup options. For a local guide of restaurants who are open for delivery, see our shop + dine local blog post.

3. Schedule a service for later

Many professional services in the area including medical, athletic, therapeutic, and aesthetic services are temporarily paused til further notice. Contact your local providers to book a future appointment, and help local businesses endure this difficult time.

Services in the area you can contact directly are listed in our public business directory, including Health + Wellness, Offices + Services, and Arts + Retail (including salons, beauty and specialty stores).

4. Tip well

Remember that an extra tip with your next purchase or order could go a long way.

5. Leave a great, local review

Help others in the community stay informed about local businesses worth discovering, and improve local search results by leaving a great review for places you enjoy. Whether it’s via a Google review, Yelp review, TripAdvisor or more, these are great ways to continue showing your support locally.

6. Spread the word

Let others know that they can play a role in the success of the community. Share this article and the image below on your Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, and let others know that local businesses will be counting on your support during tough times! We’re stronger together.