Yonge + St. Clair

September 1, 2020

Back to School Ideas at Yonge + St. Clair

Schools are back in session starting September 15, 2020 across Ontario. To help you get the most of your back to school preparations, we’ve compiled a list of local retail that will cover your school shopping essentials, along with new and interesting points of interest at Yonge + St. Clair.

Shop for School Locally

The Papery
Located at 1424 Yonge St.

Who they are: The Papery offers a range of personalized paper goods but it’s much more than that, it’s a boutique store with a wide variety of products that should keep you busy browsing their selection.

What to shop for: If you’re in the market for something beyond your bulk order variety goods and prefer to have stationery that feels like its truly your own, make this your shop to visit. When you walk in you’ll get a sense that there’s a lot of care given to the categories of paper goods carried here. Recently the Rhodia brand of notebooks they carry have been popular – featuring pages that are lined, blank, graph, or french-ruled to meet all your note-taking needs.

They’ve recently started showcasing more of their products on Instagram, which you can browse here: 



Midtown Tech
Located at 1391 Yonge St.
416 925 8324

Who they are: Midtown Tech is Yonge + St. Clair’s neighbourhood authorized Apple retailer and repair shop. It’s a local independent store and you’ll get direct customer care since the owner is often around, assisted by friendly and knowledgeable staff. You can tell these are folks who have an interest in the technology they’re working with.

What to shop for: If you’re shopping for both new and pre-owned Apple goods this is the place to go. And if you’re looking for additional electronic essentials, including attachments to turn your cellphone into a wallet, bluetooth speakers, wireless headphones and more – they have it.

This season they are also offering curbside pickup and service, delivery, and phone orders. See their website for more information:



Book City
Located at 1430 Yonge St.
416 926 0749

Who they are: Book City is an independent Toronto book chain that offers some of the best book finds for great prices.

What to shop for: From the newest releases to bargain gems, Book City gives you enough selection to create your quintessential book nook. If you’re shopping for kids, they have a dedicated children’s reading section. The shopping experience here is always worth the trip as they frequently update their stock.



Paperboy Cards and Gifts
Located at 7 Pleasant Blvd.
416 926 8622

Who they are: Paperboy Cards and Gifts carries unique finds that are fun and fresh, with a flair for boutique novelty goods.

What to shop for: They are stocked wall to wall with cards, gifts and specialty goods for any occasion, stop by to see what’s in stock!



More Local Services

Oxford Learning Rosedale
Located at 44 St. Clair E – 2nd Floor
647 691 9283 

Who they are: The Oxford Learning Centre is a local tutoring service to help students advance their Math, Science, English or French skills in the classroom.

What they do: Offering both in-class and online tutoring services, students can advance their skills and gain confidence with key subjects. From exam prep to accelerated learning, you’ll find programs that offer hands-on education.



Forest Hill Orthodontics
Located at 72 St. Clair W
416 921 6772

Who they are: A family focused orthodontics team that’s dedicated to providing the best treatment and solutions to patients of all ages.

What they do: The Forest Hill Ortho team covers all forms of dental care, whether it’s braces or an Invisalign, to same day care, to personalized care and treatment.



Straight Up Health
Located at 2 St. Clair W – Suite 1004
416 666 5482

Who they are: Straight Up Health is a local team of therapists and social workers who specialize in positive wellness and mental well-being for young adults and adults.

What they do: Providing both in-office and online sessions, Straight Up Health is modernizing the way that young adults can approach mental health, taking a special focus on the productive and positive aspects of supportive therapy.