Yonge + St. Clair

October 18, 2017

Zebra Public Art MGMT livens up Yonge + St. Clair

Join us on Wednesday, November 1st for the group exhibition titled “You Have to Take the Stairs” curated by Zebra Public Art Mgmt.

For the entire month of November, you’ll be able to experience the work from artists such as:

Dina Belaia        Dina Torrans        Jane Theodore       

John Kokkinos        Leonora Husveti-Frenette        Maria Drazilov       

Marina Nazarova        Melissa Moffat        Ron Wild

Ronald Regamey        Ryan Van Der Hout        Shelley Wildeman

Don’t forget to also come out to the Opening Day Event on Wednesday, November 1st from 12-2:00pm to mingle with some of the artists, and the organizers themselves.