Month: April 2019

The Bottle Project comes to Yonge + St. Clair

In celebration of Earth Month, our friends at Slate Asset Management have invited artists Jana Cruder and Mathew LaPenta of Natural Plasticity‘s #TheBottleProject to share their larger-than-life replicas of plastic waste to raise awareness about these important issues.

Currently on display now through May 1, #TheBottleProject team describe their installation as:

“Bringing the impact of consumer and corporate behaviour regarding single-use plastics into clear sight, beckoning the viewer to evaluate their own behavior with plastic consumption. In order to change what is manufactured and marketed, we must first change the individual. To positively affect consumer behaviour we’ve decided to alter the local landscape by installing 20ft to 30ft replicas of plastic bottles, plastic disposable cup sand straws into interior and exterior environments. These larger than life objects, when placed in landscapes unaccustomed to art, grab hold of the viewer and ask them to look inward at their own habits.”

You can find #TheBottleProject in the lobbies at 2 St. Clair W and 55 St. Clair W from now until May 1.