Month: June 2017

Summer Pop-Up Series at Yonge + St. Clair

Summer Pop-Up Series

Earlier this spring you may remember the Summer Pop-Up Contest we held here at Yonge + St. Clair along with thisopenspace. Not only are we happy to announce the winner (Chance & Fate), but we’re also happy to announce the incredible ‘Summer Pop-Up Series’ we’ve scheduled for the rest of the month.

From June 29th-August 4th you’ll see a well curated rotation of unique and independent brands making their way to the Y+SC neighbourhood. We’ll be activating the space of 1470 Yonge St. with everything from designers, artists, wellness experts, photographers, vintage goods, workshops and more.

And if you make your way up here early, there is still time to check out the current brand occupying the space until June 28th- Tara Rivas for TMR.

Check out why ‘Summers are better at Yonge + St. Clair’ by seeing the dates and descriptions below.

Individual hours of operation may vary. Please check back often for more details.


June 29- Jul 16: Chance & Fate (WINNER)
o Chance & Fate is a women’s fashion specialty store featuring a carefully curated collection of luxurious basics and fashion pieces that will complement and elevate any wardrobe. You will find a great selection of emerging labels mostly imported from London, Denmark, Germany, L.A. and New York.

July 18 – July 19: Pop Villa
o It’s time to expand and connect with like-minded people. This series of pop-up events showcase products and services related to wellness and personal empowerment. Each pop-up infuses the public with fun and love!

July 20 – July 23: Hallie Tut 
o Teenage Reverie is an immersive three-day art installation featuring the multicoloured photo and video works of 17 year old artist Hallie Tut. Be transported into a vibrant, surreal environment like one you would only see in a dream. Prints of Hallie Tut’s work will be available for purchase with all proceeds being donated to bladder cancer research in support of her father.

July 24 – July 26: Women in Action
o Women in Action is a 3-day pop-up shop that is designed to create an entrepreneurial and artisan platform for local women to showcase, sell, and promote their product/brand. The brands featured are products of a woman’s idea and her ever going action. From fashion, food, beauty, and home decor the brands selected are curated by women who are mastering and developing an unexampled territory in their journey. Indulge in this pop-up’s amazing curators, one of a kind products/brands, great location, and fun freebies along the way!

July 27 – July 28: The No Hassle Headshot
o This unique event will offer people with a 30-minute business or personal portrait opportunity. The comprehensive session will include two different sets of lighting/backgrounds, an online image selection process and a final professionally retouched photo provided in different formats to best suit your needs.

July 29 – Aug 4: Vintage MENswear
o Curated collection of vintage designer menswear fashion brought to you by Doug Stone, a Canadian Artist from Toronto. The specialty collection will include pieces from featured designers such as: Armani, Valentino, Dolce & Gabanna, Paul Smith and Hugo Boss, among others.

Spotlight: Tara Rivas of TMR Pops up at Yonge + St. Clair


Spotlight: Tara Rivas of TMR Pops up at Yonge + St. Clair

The wave of a green palm draws passerbys to stop to look at the newest addition to Yonge + St.Clair – Tara Rivas for TMR. The pop-up boutique just opened at the northwest corner of the intersection, at 1470 Yonge Street, but make sure to check it out before it closes on June 28.

We stopped by to talk to Tara Rivas, founder and designer of @tmrcollection, about the art of the pop-up and being made in Toronto.

Q: As an independent designer, why did you decide to do a pop-up in this neighbourhood?

We did a previous pop-up at Yonge and Alcorn – so when we heard that there was a space here we thought we should give it a try. Every neighbourhood is unique, but the sheer volume of people was the biggest surprise. There’s just great foot traffic. Most people think about shopping as weekend-only activity, but here it’s busy throughout the week. Because you’re surrounded by office buildings and you’re right by St. Clair Station, there’s constantly people walking along the street no matter the time of day. I also love that our shop is right at the intersection because whenever there’s a red light, everyone stops and notices that we’re here.

My business is primarily online and we’ve done a few pop-ups before, but we’re scouting physical spaces. Having this space even temporarily has been beneficial – we’re signing up new customers every day and growing TMR’s following.

Q: Have you had a chance to explore Yonge + St. Clair?

Yes, and there are so many great little spots. Everything feels very local – I love Union [Social Eatery], which is a gem. The newer shops, like JJ Bean and Greenhouse Juice Co., are larger brands but they fit very well into the area and they keep me hydrated!

I’ve also been having a great experience with the people in the area – especially all of the different women coming into the shop. They’re very ambitious, often business women, who are instantly supportive and wonderful. They love the collection and also feel passionately about supporting Canadian entrepreneurs.

Q: What are some of the pieces that we’ll find at the TMR pop-up?

A lot of the TMR collection is on display – everything from our summer pieces to samples from our last runway show. Everything is made in Toronto and we use a lot of organic-derived bamboo fabrics.

We have a lot of really popular pieces and our customers have responded very well to how versatile everything is. We have some duster coats that you can just throw on and go. There are some edgier dresses with daring cut outs, which have been very popular for going out. We even have reversible pieces that help you transition from the office to dinner.

We’re also featuring three other great designers in the space. We have a display of bracelets and chokers by Joseph Nogucci. We also have award-winning leather jackets by Bano eeMee leather jackets, which are so soft and buttery.

Q: How have people responded so far?

People are so excited! They love that it’s fashion and I’ve been asked, “Can you just stay?” Everyone has been very welcoming, encouraging and we couldn’t have asked for a warmer reception.

Be sure to check out TMR before it closes June 28th, 2017. And stay tuned for more details about future pop ups in the area.

Spotlight: Melissa Zuker of Toronto Market Co


Spotlight: Melissa Zuker of Toronto Market Co. brings the Midtown Market to Yonge + St. Clair on Tuesday June 20th

Toronto Market Co. has a reputation of curating some of the best open-air market experiences in the city. Its newest venture will be the Midtown Market – a summer series at Yonge + St. Clair starting on Tuesday, June 20.

We caught up with Melissa Zuker, co-founder of Toronto Market Co, to talk shop and her favourite things about the Y+SC neighbourhood.

Q: How did you decide on Midtown as your next market venture?

Yonge + St. Clair introduced us to the amazing space by the Delisle Parkette – it’s just a perfect spot to set up a pop-up experience. Right away, I could see myself picking up a delicious pizza made fresh in a wood burning oven from a market and enjoying it on a bench surrounded by trees and greenery. It’s a natural space that I can see people gravitating towards and an easy place to build a community.

Midtown has been on our radar for a while – I live not far from Yonge and St. Clair and I’ve always loved the mix of people, green spaces and businesses in the area. It’s a very animated neighbourhood, especially with all of the different events that are happening every week.

Q: Is there anything special that sets the Midtown market apart?

We’ve become known as a more upscale farmer’s market – we always make sure to feature the best products that Toronto has to offer! We have some vendors that are hyper-local from the Yonge and St. Clair area, as well as amazing treats from high quality artisan crafts, fresh food vendors and Ontario farmers. We make sure that each market is a special experience and that there’s something for anyone who stops by to visit. If you work close by, it’s easy to grab a quick and delicious lunch. On your way home, you can pick up a pint of fresh berries or some produce for dinner later. If you’re on your way to a party, there are so many nice, upscale artisan crafts that would make a perfect host gift.

Beyond creating an amazing experience for guests and visitors, we also focus on creating a great platform for entrepreneurs, small businesses and artisans to showcase their goods as well.

Q: What do you love about Yonge + St. Clair?

It’s quintessential Toronto at one intersection. It’s a great mix of local businesses and restaurants, offices and a vibrant residential community. It’s simply a very nice neighbourhood. It’s actually quite busy – there are always people coming through, walking around on their way to work, the gym or out to meet friends. And over the years, I’ve seen the area change quite a bit – which is very exciting.

Q: What are you most looking forward to at the June 20 market?

Eating outside! We have a great selection of cook on-site vendors that I can’t wait to try again. There’s something just delightful about dining al fresco during a Toronto summer. But the best thing about each of the markets in this series is that our vendors will change – so there will always be something new and different to check out every time.


The Midtown Market runs every third Tuesday of the month starting with Tuesday, June 20th, and will continue on July 18th, August 15th + September 19th. Learn more about the market itself by visiting our blog post HERE.

Midtown Market comes to Yonge + St. Clair

A Better Farmers Market

We’re partnering up with the ever popular Toronto Market Company to bring you the ‘Midtown Market’ series this summer starting June 20th.

The Market will feature some of the best farmers market products Toronto has to offer: local produce, freshly baked breads and pastries, artisan cheeses, jams and preserves and other upscale market treats. The Market will also focus on high quality artisan crafts, fresh flowers and plants, and delicious food cooked fresh on site.

Dates: June 20th, July 18th, August 15th + September 19th

Time: 11:00am-7:00pm

Location: Delisle Ave (behind 40 St. Clair Ave W)

Confirmed Vendors:

Cheese Boutique        BerryFresh Fruit Co.        Holy Cannoli        Queen Arepa

      Living Chocolate        G Fox & Co. ­        Spice of Life

Inthisorn Foods Ltd        Carla’s Cookie Box        Sade Baron        Oakridges Finest

Morty’s Bandanas        Green Table Foods        Yoso

Ontario Honey Creations        The Lobo Collection        Nanashake        The Brewing Bean

La Fiesta        Tawse Winery        Westcott Vineyards

M Inspired Living        Stôk Floral & Design Inc.        Twig Flowers        Colibri Pottery

Jamie’s Cracked Corn        Los Vietnamita        Stok Floral & Design Inc.

Peppy Paws & Co        Good Luck Rub

Summers are Better at Yonge + St. Clair

Free Ice Cream at Yonge + St. Clair

Summers are Better at Yonge + St. Clair

Want to know how we’re making your summer better here at Yonge + St. Clair? Find out by coming to visit the Chimney Stax Baking Co ice cream truck that will be parked on Delisle Ave (behind 30 St. Clair W) on the following dates:

Wednesday, June 14th (FREE)

Wednesday, July 12th (FREE)

Wednesday, August 16th (FIRST 100 FREE) 2:00pm

Now in true “first come first serve” fashion, we’ll be giving away the first 100 ‘sweet stax’ for FREE on Wednesday, August 16th so be sure to get there early (before they run out!).

Chimney Stax are fresh-made, rotisserie-baked breads served sweet or savoury. They are derived from a popular Eastern European street food known as Chimney Cakes. Originating in Hungary in the 14th century, they are natively known as kürtős kalács’ and can now be found on street corners throughout the world! Chimney Stax are always BAKED, NEVER FRIED. They are made with fresh, mostly-natural ingredients, rolled by hand and baked in their custom-made rotisserie oven. Their ‘Sweet Stax’ ice cream treat come in several varieties, with new toppings always being added. They also offer delicious spreads, icings and other fillings for a truly indulgent experience.