Month: November 2020

Windows of Glam: Winter Scavenger Hunt

Thank you to all the participants who took park in this curbside holiday event at Yonge + St. Clair! And Congratulations to all 5 of the weekly winners: Tambler CK, the Berry Christmas Clan, Elaine S, Laurence B, and Darya K! 

Runs from Friday November 27, 2020 until Saturday January 2, 2021

The Windows of Glam is a socially distanced wintertime scavenger hunt in the Yonge + St. Clair neighbourhood.

Visit the holiday window displays at participating storefront locations and complete all 13 scavenger hunt questions to be entered for a chance to win $500 in weekly prizes, and a chance to win the final grand prize draw of a $100 Yonge + St. Clair gift card.  The earlier you complete all the questions, the more chances you’ll earn to win the recurring weekly draw.

Interactive and festive, this entirely self-guided event is the perfect way to get out of the house with your family or housemates and support Yonge + St. Clair stores and shops throughout the winter season.



How to Play


GET your copy of the scavenger hunt map and questions from a participating storefront location (see below) or download the Goosechase scavenger hunt app and search for “Windows of Glam: Winter Scavenger Hunt” or enter Game Code 97LZ54 on your iPhone in the official Apple App Store here, or for your Android in the Google Play Store here to play directly from mobile.

Alternatively, you may save and print the full scavenger hunt map and questions using this link: Windows of Glam Scavenger Hunt and Map

VISIT each participating location in order to complete all 13 scavenger hunt questions. Answers to the questions are based on storefront displays or features that are only visible when you visit each location.

SUBMIT your completed questions to any participating storefront location, or send a photo of your completed map to

If you’ve completed the scavenger hunt through Goosechase, simply await weekly prize announcements.

Check your email for updates, or follow our social media accounts on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter to see if you’ve won the prize draws.

Please note: The earlier you submit your completed map, the more chances you will earn to win the recurring weekly prize draw.

Participating Locations

Pick up or drop off your Windows of Glam scavenger hunt map at these locations:

Open each location link to view in Google Maps.

A) Midtown Gastro Hub – 1535 Yonge St.
B) Ambiyan on Yonge – 1560 Yonge St. (First Floor Plaza)
C) Tim Hortons on Yonge – 1521 Yonge St.
D) Shoppers Drug Mart – 1507 Yonge St.

E) St. Clair Centre – 2 St. Clair E
F) Kaltenbock – 2 St. Clair E (Ground Floor)
G) La Barista Cafe – 2 St. Clair E (Bottom Floor)
H) Marquess Jewelers – 2 St. Clair E (Bottom Floor)

I) Tim Hortons on St. Clair – 55 St. Clair W
J) Zelden’s Deli – 1446 Yonge St.
K) Oxford Learning – 44 St. Clair E

L) 81 St. Clair E – Indoor Mall
M) AVA Pharmacy – 81 St. Clair E (Indoor Mall)

N) Paperboy Cards and Gifts – 7 Pleasant Blvd.
O) Bombay Roti – 1404 Yonge St.

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